Terms of Business - Think Enterprise

Our order policy

Delivery Times – Our standard project delivery time is 7 calendar days from when a brief has been accepted by Think Enterprise. For any single project orders that need to be completed within a 72-hour period from the completion of the brief, the fee will be 1.5 greater than the total cost. Delivery times are met on a best efforts basis and events such as bank holidays and unforeseen circumstances may result in delays.

Brief – Before commissioning Think Enterprise to conduct a project, we require our customers to submit a brief to us, either via our website or via email. If you do not have one prepared, we will send you one to fill out. We are happy to do as many amendments as necessary to get the end product you are looking for, however, if you are looking for something specific from your project, then it should be stated in the brief. This could include, tone of voice, writing to a particular audience anything else specific. Fill out all fields to ensure success for the project.

Amendments – Think Enterprise offers as many amendments as our clients need to get the project they are looking for. We require our customers to submit any requested amendments within 7 days of receipt of the first draft of the project order.

Payment Terms –For single order projects: Client is invoiced once the project brief is confirmed for 50% of the project due. The second invoice (remaining 50%) is due within 7 days of the completed project date. For subscription order projects: Client is invoiced once per month on the recurring monthly invoice date and due 7 days from invoice date.