Outsourcing Blog

Outsourcing a blog to Think Enterprise is a popular service taken up by many of our clients, both for one-off posts through to regular monthly, weekly or even daily posts.

Why outsource your blog?

If you look at most business websites you will see a blog. The rationale is simple; blogs create a great place to provide relevant content for keywords driving inbound targeted traffic. Sadly, most blogs are started with great intentions, but dedicating the internal resource to keeping good quality to content on going to your site can be difficult and expensive. For this reason, blogs can end up being neglected, either sporadic posts or even no posts at all.

At Think Enterprise we plug the gap between a business’s requirement to provide great content to their blog and the actual delivery of this content. Our content is designed to fulfill your absolute requirements, ensuring engaging and grammatically correct text that is search engine optimised for your desired keywords.

Outsourcing Blog

How it works

Collaboration and Planning

The initial stage of the outsourced blog content service starts with the two businesses collaborating on the deliverable. This can be as high or as low touch as the business requires. For example, some businesses may have a basic requirement such as “provide me with a 400-word blog post on X, targeting the keywords Y and Z”. Alternatively, this can be delivered through an extensive interview of the requirements ensuring we fully understand the business and what it is looking to achieve from the content we will be provided. We will ensure we get as involved as you need us to be so you get exactly what you need, this includes the amount of you can commit to this project, which may be minimal.

The draft

Once we know your specific requirements for the project, we will agree on a service level for when the content will be delivered in draft format. This will be done via email in PDF format. You will then be given the opportunity to review and feedback to us either through email or conference call whichever is suitable for any changes that may be required.


We provide ourselves on delivering the best in class for content, which means giving you exactly what you want. For this reason, we promise you as many revisions as you require for no additional fee.


Only when you are happy with the piece of work provided, we will then provide you with a finalised version of the blog content in the required format for example word or google docs via email.

One-off posts

Although most of our work is repeat business for consistently recurring blog posts, we also provide one-off posts on an ad hoc basis. Even if you require one piece of content, we treat all our clients as if they were our only client. This means we can collaborate as much or as little as you need for the piece of content, with unlimited revisions.

Regular posts

For most of our clients, we agree on the consistent regularity of blog posts ensure we are delivering in line with your blog viewers demand. Every business has different budgets and the fact you are delivering content in any frequency already is extremely valuable. We typically will look to provide between 4 to 20 posts per month but this is entirely down to the client’s demands.