Content Writing for Websites

Outsourcing content writing for your businesses website through Think Enterprise will ensure you have well-written keyword targeted content. This will ensure you have the specific information and tone that you require for your visitors.

Web page content has never been more important in a world where search engine technology advances, competition is fierce and customer demands are high. The content you provide on your website will determine the amount of inbound traffic you generate, and how well you go on to convert those visitors into buyers.Content Writing for Websites

Why outsource website content

Outsourcing web content can be a tricky business and a bit of a minefield. The benefit of outsourcing will improve cost and time efficiency but unless it is done professionally, can provide extremely negative results.

Unique and valuable content are of paramount importance to ensure your website is seen favorably by search engines and visitors alike. The days of shortcuts are dwindling and unless you invest significantly in your content strategy you are unlikely to get the desired results you need to generate quality traffic and conversions.

Think Enterprise fills the gap between giving businesses a professional content resource and the desired text content populating your web pages. Our content writers are trained to really understand your business and your content requirements coupled with extensive experience in delivering highly optimised, grammatical and targeted text.

How it Works

Collaboration and Planning

Before we begin any project, no matter how big or small, we collaborate as much as possible to really get to know what our client is trying to achieve with the project. This will be the case for one page of content, through to all whole website of content.

As much as possible we try to let our client lead in terms of how high touch they want to have when influencing the content of the project. We have been known to work on a minimal brief but deliver exact content requirements. 


Following the collaboration and project planning, we will agree on a service level which will include delivery time for draft content. This can be as soon as 24 hours from instruction. The draft will typically be delivered via email in PDF format for your first review.

Multi Draft

Part of the Think Enterprise service is unlimited draft revisions until the finalised work is produced. This ensures maximum client satisfaction and also the best possible content we can offer.


Once you are happy with the finalised draft revision we share the finalised project delivery in the desired format you wish to receive it.

Web Page and Web Site Content Rewrite

In addition to the creation of new webpage content, we can provide website page and full site content re-writes and content audits.