Content Audit Services

A content audit is a process of review of an entire website. It is typically done by businesses to get a page by page, keyword by keyword performance overview against certain defined metrics. Conducting a content audit is typically done by external, or a lot of the time, multiple external SEOs firms. The benefit of conducting a content audit through Think Enterprise is not only will you be getting a content audit from a company specialising in content SEO, but also one that can actually work with you to build the new improved content.

Content Audit

The benefits of doing a content audit are:

  • Discover content gaps
  • Get better visibility on how your whole site is performing
  • Understand exactly where you need to improve
  • Discover insights from metrics you do not regularly monitor
  • Find out what your strongest and weakest performing areas are

Following a content audit, you will be able to prioritise improvements such as:

  • Improve text content, new or rewriting
  • Work on UX such as page load speed
  • Establish inbound new links to specific pages
  • Improve image content

The outcomes following an audit and undertaking required improvements will mean you will be able to:

  • Rank better in search results for targeted keywords
  • Improve bounce rate
  • Extend time on page
  • Get better conversion

The use of external companies

Like any audit, using internal staff to audit your content can sometimes prove problematic. Often businesses will appointment external content audits for this reason, and in many instances will assign multiple consultants.

Single Page Content Audit

We regularly do single page content audits. Due to the nature of our business; building page by page content for businesses. Although we advise for businesses we work with to do regularly bigger picture content audits, it can be very useful to monitor progress for your shorter term content goals.