5 companies helping Airbnb hosts manage their properties better

Managing your short term let property can be a real challenge at times with all sorts of variables to consider. With a little help from a few companies, we take a look at how landlords can manage their properties with more ease and efficiency.

  1. Airsorted

Airsorted is a Central London based 3rd party partner that offers very high touch property management solutions for Airbnb landlords. Their service includes professional cleaning, 24hr check-in and guest communications which are all quite time-consuming tasks for someone that lets a property short term, not to mention trying to do this for multiple properties. In addition to these tasks, Airsorted can also help in a number of other ways such as listing creation and guest vetting

The Airsorted solution will cost a landlord 12% +VAT of the revenue generated from a booking and services are offered in London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Sydney.

  1. Guesty

Guesty provides cloud-based property management software which helps you manage your listings, reservations and guests on one dashboard. Although a major part of their business, the software is not limited to Airbnb and offers integration with sites such as Homeaway and Booking.com which enables landlords to drive efficiency with multiple properties listed on multiple sites.

Guesty’s solution starts at 2% of booking revenue and can rise to as high as 5% depending on the package you go for.

  1. Nest

Google owned Nest, is a powerful business that makes thermostats, security cameras and smoke alarms that can all be managed remotely as well as looking visually appealing.

The Nest Thermostat, claiming to save you 60% on your energy bill, allows landlords to remotely manage the temperature of their property as well as other energy supplies such as hot water via their app and property based smart thermostat. The thermostat can be purchased for £279 via their website.

The Nest Cam IQ, Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor provide landlords with that extra level of security particularly when managing properties when empty, either prior or post guests arrival. All the cameras are state of the art and linked to the Nest mobile app giving landlords on demand footage as well as sending as required security alerts. The cameras start from £179 and go up to £299.

Nest Protect is an industrial grade, self-checking (400 times a day) smoke sensor that promises to last a decade. Like other Nest products, Nest Protect is a smart device that can be managed via their mobile app. The Nest Protect Smoke+ CO Alarm will cost you £99 for both battery and wired options.

  1. Samsung

A real headache for high volume guest numbers can be getting keys to and from guests, wasting countless hours for landlords. The Samsung SHS-5230 digital door lock is the next generation for door security, providing property access via security code, key tag, credit card and even fingerprint. Access can be managed remotely so this saves a landlords time going to and from a property, but can also add an additional layer of security, being able to manage and change security codes with a few clicks. You can purchase the Samsung SHS-5230 digital door lock for £299.40 from selected retailers including Amazon.

  1. Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing is a dynamic pricing software which helps Airbnb hosts maximise their earnings through their pricing algorithm. The software links to your Airbnb account in one click and quickly gives you pricing recommendations through their dashboard as well as letting you automate the software offering a very low touch price management solution. Following a 1 month free trial Beyond Pricing will take 1% of your booking revenue as their fee.

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