Why you shouldn’t outsource your content

So I run a content marketing agency, which basically if you strip it down to its core, specialises in writing content for other people’s websites. So possibly the worst thing I could do would be to post on the company blog about why you shouldn’t outsource your content to a 3rd party and that you should do it in-house.

Reason 1

The majority of businesses that specialise in outsourcing content are the equivalent of a battery chicken farmer. They will provide you high volume, low quality, content (or chicken) with no nutritional (SEO) value and means you run the risk of receiving a Panda penalty (Salmonella) from Google.

Reason 2

It’s not fair to deceive your customers. They are coming to your site to hear from you, not someone else. You’re the industry expert, and if you can’t be bothered to invest time in giving me, the visitor, your own knowledge (the reason I’m on your site!!!) then I will go a consume content and buy elsewhere.

Reason 3

It can get expensive. If you actually want to rank hire on search engines and have engaging content, but you can’t dedicate an employee to doing this you need to find an exceptional agency to give it to. Exceptional agencies come with exceptional costs and sometimes it’s better to suck it up and hire someone.

Reason 4

A lot of content isn’t actually that important. Some super high ranking sites have very few pages of content. As long as your content is engaging and valuable there are many other things you can do to drive traffic to your site An SEO agency or internal SEO staff can do a lot to improve your rankings without posting endless blog posts of rich content.

Reason 5

Actually maybe you should, sometimes. Okay now, you’ve read why you shouldn’t. While I’ve still got you, if you haven’t gone to HR to hire an in-house content writer with plenty of experience in your field let me tell you why sometimes it can work out pretty damn well. You will occasionally come across a diamond in the rough. An agency that will become almost like an employee to your business in terms of knowledge and understanding about your company and the field you are in. They will also, do it in such an efficient way that the cost can be kept as low as possible. Admittedly to find an agency like this can be hard. Just drop us a note and perhaps you may find the agency you’re looking for.

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